Restaurants & Fine Dining

Through our “Constant Digest” premium service, we provide a comprehensive array of restaurant and fine dining concierge services to clients from across the globe. Whether you're in search of the city's finest Italian food, connecting with some of the world renowned taste makers

or late night craving for delicious Paella delivered to your hotel room, turn to the Affluent Attaché aficionados for your every need.

We're here to assist with dinner reservations, even if it's a table at the most exclusive, sought-after restaurant in the city! We can also assist by finding the perfect restaurant, that lovely hidden gem pub or whatever your tastes and mood may dictate. Or, if you prefer private dining, we'll arrange to have your favorite dish delivered to your hotel room, home or office. Whatever your tastes, our experienced restaurant and dining concierge team will ensure you eat and drink in style and class. There's no establishment that's too exclusive or too booked up. We'll ensure you eat where you want, precisely when you want.