Luxury Jets & Yachts

Attaché Luxury Jets & Yachts package provides our members access to our fleet of luxury yachts & customized nautical concierge packages 15%-30% in savings.

As a member of Affluent Attaché, you will have access to every aircraft on the market through our in-house private aviation broker. From a single engine Cirrus to a private Boeing jet, just provide us your destination details and we will handle the rest. We locate the right private jet or executive helicopter for you, commensurate with your needs and budget. As well, as a member of Attaché, you won’t be paying commission to an outside brokerage or wasted points on a card system. Further, you will no longer have to shop your trip around, as we guarantee the best price available (sans commission). Many outside firms call themselves the lowest price brokers, relying on indirect or obfuscating nomenclature to hide the charges they bill their clients. However, as a member of Attaché, you can be rest assured you will be given the best option on the market with NO hidden fees or mark ups.

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