About Affluent Attaché

Affluent Attaché Is An Exclusive Affluent Membership-Only Lifestyle Concierge Club.

“Your Carte Blanche To Luxury Lifestyle…”


Affluent Attaché club offers exclusivity to our like-minded members and a nurturing milieu for top elite to share experiences, ideas and resources with main aim of enhancing the worth of their ventures and personal growth. The club centers on creating a work-life balance lifestyle for on the ‘go’ clientele.

Our users' platform and portfolio of 'on demand' concierge services are geared towards creating a comfortable, pleasant and social atmosphere that fosters casual interaction and meaningful lifestyle among our members.

Exclusive perks and services include hottest vacation spots on the planet, fleet of luxury cars, jets, yachts, private islands, Doctors on call, exclusive bespoke events, sports outings, private real-estate, sought after and rare luxury goods, corporate services, relocation assistance, conferences and domestic professional services.

Affluent Attaché curates and provides our clientele access to some of the most sought after iconic and aspirational brands. Our global network of services and partners worldwide ensures all your personal needs are catered for 24/7/365 to your satisfaction.

The Affluent Attaché client-list includes executives, celebrities, royalty, sports figures, and the affluent among others.

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